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C.T. Chew

About Something...

Well, I'll be! For 3 years I have been 'unpromoting' myself as "The World's Most Famous Unknown Artist," only to find out that moniker was also used by Yoko Ono (!) and James Lee Byars, whoever they are. I didn't realize this was a contest! We can scratch Yoko off the list, but the judges are still out on Byars, who seems to actually have a lot in common with me.

More About Me...


Mr. Chew poses in front of a paint-by-numbers picture (no one knew he painted!) (of Yellowstone Falls).

C.T. Chew lives with his wife and dog in Seattle, WA, USA, where he is an artist and educator. His international title, The World’s Most Famous Unknown Artist, is something he takes very seriously, as does his dog. He has requested you take a minute to reflect on that, and then, consider not looking at any of his artworks in this website, and not mentioning them to any of your friends either.

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