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My Best Autobiography.

Doid bio i.jpg

Ralph Doid's Dilemma
mixed media, 1981, 45"H x 36"W

My father was half Chinese, half Irish setter. My mother an intriguing organic labyrinth. At an early age they sent me off to sea with Charles Darwin on the Beagle. It was while I worked at his side, and later with Gloria Vanderbilt in China uncovering the remains of Peking Man Wardrobe, that I invented one of life’s greatest mysteries: Truth in Advertising. Today, total devotion to this ideal keeps me in demand worldwide. Recently, I dedicated my newest monumental work, Tomb of the Unknown Folder, in Manila. I love the grandiose.


Ralph Doid’s Dilemma is a memorial work. It is 50 feet high and 30 feet long. The buildings are actual size. Ralph was a Seattle city planner (1923 – 1947), with some great ideas that no one would listen to. After a long and frustrating career, he decided to revenge himself on the powers that be, with designs for a “floating” city hall. In this scene, Ralph is having trouble deciding whether the building should bob up and down, or drift on its side.

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